Samantha Johnson

Sales Consultant


Sam is ambitious and conscientious and aims to be at the top of her profession. With a family history in Real Estate, Sam never doubted where her future lay. In her formative years, Sam listened intently to her mother and her aunt as they discussed various aspects of their own successful Real Estate careers and this clearly had a great impact on her. After finishing school, Sam took the leap of faith to pursue her chosen career and joined First National Neilson Partners as Personal Assistant to Ross Neilson. Sam has since had a variety of roles within the business including the management of a land estate - “The Rise at Officer” and is now totally focused on achieving great results for her clients in both established sales and land sales. Now an integral part of the team, she is a natural when it comes to Real Estate negotiations... as they say; some people are just born with it! As Sam builds her client data base, her commitment to each and every client will be as strong in the future as it is today.