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Should I allow tenants with pets to rent my investment pr... With research showing just 25% of new investors allow tenants to have pets; you’ll improve your chances of rent...
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What type of home would you recommend for a growing family?

When buying a family home, you need to consider your budget, what sort of area will serve the needs of growing children, what the neighbourhood is like, and proximity to schools and public transport. Also…
  • Look for properties that offer potential for further expansion, either upward with a second level or outward into the backyard
  • Look for north facing backyards. They make for a more attractive play area and the lawn will be more able to stand up to the hard wear of growing children
  • Children love to climb trees so look for gardens where trees have lots of limbs. Children can safely grab hold of them and are less likely to fall
  • Aim to find level land that can easily be fenced. It will make it easier to secure pets, build pools, BBQs, sheds and cubby houses at a later stage
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