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What is an easement on a property and how does it affect me? An easement allows another party to access, cross or use your land for a specified purpose.
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What do we need to know when considering moving to a larger house?

As exciting as the prospect of moving to a bigger house is, it can be quite an undertaking and must be taken seriously.
  • It’s important to establish if this move is a need or a wish. If your present home no longer accommodates your family’s growth, then moving to a larger home will likely be necessary
  • While a larger home may seem like an attractive option, it will also be more expensive to maintain. This might outweigh the perceived benefits if you’re moving to simply due to a wish
  • Speak with your existing financial advisor to assess your current situation and see if you are able to comfortably service a bigger loan
  • Review any other debt you have (e.g. credit card, car loan, school fees etc.) as this can have a significant impact on your borrowing capabilities. Make sure debts are either paid up-to-date, or paid off entirely before investigating or applying for a new mortgage
  • Make use of tools like a home loan repayment calculator to work out what you can afford - Use our finance calculator
  • Talk to a First National Real Estate agent about selling your current property and finding your dream home
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