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What are my obligations to neighbours when renovating an apartment?

Renovating real estate is a great way to add value, improve salability, or increase your rental return. However, your neighbours will likely be less than thrilled with the noise and disruption your renovations will cause other residents in your strata plan.

First National recommends the following course of action:
  • Inform the Owners Corporation, residents and immediate neighbours of the date you will start renovating and when you anticipate finishing
  • Comply with council and building rules and guidelines around safety, noise and rubbish removal i.e. what hours and days of the week are works permitted?
  • Be considerate but don’t pander to unreasonable resident demands
  • Make sure your tradesmen don’t obstruct driveways or hallways while working
  • Make sure lifts are properly cloaked with protective curtains
  • Assure that tradesmen clean up at the end of each day so residents are not adversely affected
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