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What is a holding deposit? A holding deposit secures your genuine interest to lease a property and is paid when submitting your Tenancy Applicat...
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We want to sell our investment property but it’s rented. What’s the best approach?

Remember, although it’s your property, it’s your tenant’s home. It’s vital your agent communicates effectively and respectfully with your tenants about access arrangements.
  • Consider negotiating a reduced rent period while the property is for sale to facilitate cooperation
  • Consider arranging 2 or 3 one-hour periods per week where prospective buyers will be shown through. This helps tenants present the property properly and minimises inconvenience
While it’s easier to sell an un-tenanted property than a tenanted property, remember…
  • While tenanted, you are receiving rent money and this makes your property more appealing to investors
  • If your property is vacant, it may look less appealing. Consider hiring a presentation consultant.
Each state has different laws, however if you would like your tenant to vacate the property so you can sell it with vacant posession, you should speak to a property manager about the laws in your state and the appropriate approach to take.

Our agents at First National Real Estate are more than happy to talk you through the processes and the best option for you.

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