Young couples

Should I allow tenants with pets to rent my investment pr... With research showing just 25% of new investors allow tenants to have pets; you’ll improve your chances of rent...
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We want to live close to the city but can't afford to buy. What should we do?

Young couples often prefer to live closer to the city so they can be close to work and enjoy the social life as well. Unfortunately, this is the time in life when you can usually least afford to buy close to the city.
  • Think about combining incomes to buy an investment property near the city and then immediately rent it out. Two people can more easily make up the shortfall between the cost of the mortgage and the rental income
  • Income from the rent will help you pay down the mortgage and eventually you’ll be able to afford to move into the property, or borrow against your increased equity
  • Alternatively, consider buying an investment property in a well-located outer suburb with good transport connections. In time, you’ll build equity and when the market rises, so will the value of your investment. Later, you can either sell to realise your profit or borrow against your new wealth to buy
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