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What is a holding deposit? A holding deposit secures your genuine interest to lease a property and is paid when submitting your Tenancy Applicat...
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We already own two separate properties. Should we keep them, or sell and combine assets?

Sometimes, couples enter a relationship already each owning property. These properties might be rented investments or their principal place of residence.

Either way, when moving in together, there’s plenty to think about with your future real estate strategy. You have the option to…
  • Sell both properties, combine assets and buy something bigger or in a better location
  • Keep both properties, rent them out, and use the income to increase your borrowing capacity
  • Sell one property, keep the other, and use the equity from the one you sell to improve the one you keep
  • We suggest you get up-to-date appraisals on both properties and then consider which is best to keep, or whether both should be disposed of
  • Talk over your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Then, when you’re both on the same page, talk to real estate agents and your financial advisor to help plan a strategy
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