Running out of space

What is an easement on a property and how does it affect me? An easement allows another party to access, cross or use your land for a specified purpose.
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How can we minimise the disruption to our children when moving?

Moving home has an emotional impact on everyone, especially children. However, you can make the process more positive by following these easy tips:  

  • Show your children the property and explore the local surroundings together, well before the move
  • Visit new schools together and introduce them to their new teachers, before their first day of school
  • Explain how moving will benefit the whole family, offer exciting new adventures, new places to visit and opportunities to make more friends
  • Make the process of packing their belongings a happy experience
  • Encourage them to feel involved on the moving day by carrying their favourite toy or a small back pack of their favourite things
  • Make sure they have plenty of snacks available to eat and drink on the day of moving
  • Check out our resources area for extra tips on ‘Moving with children
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