What is a residential bond? A bond offers financial protection to a landlord when renting a property. It is used if a tenant breaches part of the...
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When should I sell my current home?

For most of us, this is one of the toughest questions. Before selling to move to a retirement village or retirement homes, make sure you’ve considered all the alternatives and you’re convinced it’s the right move for you. The reasons you might decide to sell are:
  • You don’t need as much space as you used to and a smaller home would be easier to maintain
  • You need more cash for day-to-day expenses and most of your wealth is locked up in your home
  • You feel your home may sell for more now than it might next year. You could consider selling now and renting until retirement
  • You’ve properly prepared your home for sale and it is presented at its best. Check out our resources area for more tips on ‘Preparing your home for sale’.
  • You’ve consulted a few real estate agents and a financial advisor. You’re comfortable that you’ll achieve a price that will help you achieve your financial goal
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