What is an easement on a property and how does it affect me? An easement allows another party to access, cross or use your land for a specified purpose.
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Should I consider a retirement village or a retirement home?

Most retirees consider a retirement village or retirement home if the gardening, housework and maintenance has become more than they can easily manage. However, make sure you’ve considered alternatives like local community home help, a handyman or moving to a smaller nearby apartment first. Other reasons to move could be:
  • You’ve lost your partner or spouse and have allowed yourself adequate time to adjust before making such an important decision
  • You believe the social or religious activities available in a village would appeal to you
  • You can see the time approaching where level access, doorways that can easily fit wheelchairs, and other support would be handy
  • You’d feel more relaxed knowing emergency assistance is readily available
  • You feel you’d appreciate being part of a village community and the social interaction it offers
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