Real Estate Glossary Terms


Money borrowed that is usually repaid with interest.

Maturity Date

The last day of the term of the home loan agreement. The home loan must then be paid in full or the home loan agreement renewed.


A written contract giving a lender security over a property.


One who lends the money for the property.


One who borrows the money to purchase property.

Multiple Listing

System of selling the property through many agents.

Negative Gearing

Is where the costs associated with your property investment exceed the income received over the tax year. This loss can be used to offset other income in that year’s tax return.

Net Yield

Is the income on your property less certain expenses such as rates, insurance, maintenance and body corporate levies.

Off the plan

Buying a property based on architect’s plans, before it has been built.

Offer to Purchase

A formal legal agreement which offers a specified price for a specified property. The offer may be firm (no conditions attached) or conditional (certain conditions apply).
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