Utility Connections made easy

Direct ConnectDid you know that the average time it takes to disconnect the average home’s utilities and reconnect them at your new address is nearly six hours? Who has that sort of spare time when they’re in the middle of moving?

It would be great if it were only the water, electricity and gas you had to contend with. However, these days there’s usually also the phone, pay TV and Internet that all need to be disconnected and then re-connected. That means dealing with tedious call centres, waiting in time-consuming queues, and usually having to put up with providers trying to upsell you to different products from the one’s you’re using.

First National agents recognise that you need help and we have the ideal solution. One phone call to Direct Connect will see all your utilities transferred to your new address expertly and efficiently.

Direct Connect will even let you know if there’s a better deal for you if you want them to. They keep you informed and you can spend your valuable time looking after the unpacking, the kids and getting set up.

Just ask your First National property manager for the details.