Woodgate real estate is hot stuff

Date: 4 November 2014
REAL ESTATE in Woodgate is producing the highest median values in the entire Bundaberg region.

Statics by RP Data show the median value for property Woodgate is just under half a million dollars - $459 954.

First National Real Estate Woodgate agent Patrick Cocking said esplanade properties had been the main focus of buyers in recent times.

"Which is probably leading to a fairly high median price," Mr Cocking said.

But he said the majority of interest in Woodgate was not coming from investors, rather retirees looking to settle down in the region, mostly from mining areas around the Surat Basin.

"The majority of people now are coming west, Chinchilla and Miles, places like that," Mr Cocking said.

He said the buyers were looking for a beach change.

"They're not necessarily cashed up, but have done reasonably well with the mining boom in that particular area," he said.

"And they're coming to the beach and getting what they missed out on for many years."

Mr Cocking said Woodgate missed out on the feedback from the Gladstone boom as people sold up and bought into Bundaberg over Woodgate.

"Now we're getting the Surat Basin buyers coming into Woodgate beach, that's more our focus area at the moment," he said.

Ray White Woodgate co-owner Dan Hunt agreed and said he was noticing a lot of oceanfront sales.

Mr Hunt said Woodgate was separated into two areas and said the established, higher priced area had been showing the most sales over the last three to four months.

He said Woodgate land and properties had always shown higher median prices as it was a very small market with little room to grow due to its surrounds being national parks.

"We can't build out too much, so it's always been a select marketplace," Mr Hunt said.

Mr Cocking said the fact that all Woodgate properties were only a 10 minute walk to the beach also increased the properties of houses in the region.

"Everything is stretched along the bay rather than going inland," he said.

He said the lack of infrastructure in Woodgate also created a laidback lifestyle that was an attraction for some.

"It is still fairly simple living here which is nice, it is the old Noosa, it's what Noosa was before it became the place that it is today," Mr Cocking said.

"It's still family orientated, and also acts as an over 55's retreat.

"There's not a lot of crime and that here, it's just a fairly laidback atmosphere which people do enjoy."

  • Woodgate $459 954
  • Gooburrum $432 708
  • Ashfield $403 030
  • Coral Cove $392 621
  • Moorland $381 231
Source: News Mail
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