Spooky style tips for Halloween

Date: 28 October 2014
Spooky style tips for Halloween
It isn't just the spring selling surge this October - it's also the spooky season!

With Halloween just around the corner, the USA holiday has grown into a global celebration of all things scary and whimsical - how about adding add a little fright and delight to your property this month?

Bring all the boys to the (grave) yard

If you have a beautiful green space out the front of your property, why not consider some temporary gravestones? They are a great feature for Halloween that are easy to install, and who knows - maybe they'll catch the eye of people looking for a sale as well as a scare! You can do it yourself and make some simple card ones, or check out how to make foam appear granite-like - there are plenty of how-to guides online.

Fiends and family

Do you want to get some subtle Halloween touches going on around the home? Try making little additions to your family photos! Cutting out a small witch hat from some black paper and putting it on a loved one's family photo is a fun and creative way to get in the spirit of the season - without going overboard!

Country pumpkins

If you want to really get into the swing of things for a traditional Halloween setup outside your home, you may want to consider jack o'lanterns! They can take time and effort but add a great splash of colour to your home. Make sure to safely light them when the big night comes around, and consider using torches instead of candles to maximum safety.

Not everyone gets into Halloween, to remember to consider your neighbours. But once you get into the swing of it, you can go all out and have yourself a "spooktacular" springtime setup that people will talk about for months!
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