Space creators: Tips for putting away clutter

Date: 31 October 2014
Space creators: Tips for putting away clutter
After you spend a few years living in a home, clutter can start to build up and make you feel hemmed-in in some rooms. As it's springtime, perhaps now is a great period to try out some fresh new storage solutions to remove clutter from your home and free up space! These quick steps are great starters for opening up your home again.

Looking up

Too often, we store things at eye level or below, ignoring a large amount of space just above our regular line of sight. Why not start storing less-used items a little higher? Whether it is supplies of toilet paper, cleaning products or old tax papers, by installing higher shelves or making use of higher cupboards that sit empty, you'll clear a lot of space that you use more often. Apply the same to your wardrobe to tidy up the bedroom!

Stairway to heaven

If you have stairs in your home, it is likely you have a great opportunity for storage underneath them. Many homes have cupboards underneath stairs that are criminally underused - consider putting camping gear, spare bedding or outdoors equipment in here to clear space from your garage or bedroom areas.

Flex with extras

If you really want to flex your DIY muscles, you could consider adding your own drawers or shelves to existing items. Some bathroom shelves on a spare wall, or drawers built into a TV stand can make all the difference when it comes to having somewhere to put odds and ends.

Sometimes, upsizing to a bigger home isn't an immediately available option when you need more space. But by employing great space saving techniques, you may just add value to your home when the time does come to move on and sell!
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