Creating the perfect urban garden

Date: 26 October 2014
Creating the perfect urban garden
Are you after the healthy living of having your own herb and vegetable garden but want to live right in the middle of the city? It's a conundrum that strikes many people after property, especially those who are looking to buy a unit. One easy solution is the urban garden - here are some tips to start your own!

Fun with the sun

Pay close attention to the concentrated sunlight areas around your apartment or on your balcony throughout the course of a day. But centering plants you want to use in these areas, they will take off and give you some beautiful greenery in the city.

Keep fertilising!

Make sure to keep your garden regularly fertilised. Sometimes the urban conditions can be a little more difficult to sustain growth within, so by giving your plants all the help they can get, you boost your chances of a beautiful herb yield and colourful bloom.

Know what can grow

By researching exactly what conditions are needed for certain herbs and crops, you can identify what will work best for your urban or balcony garden. Most herbs will function well in pots on a balcony, and can be grown all year round. The Urban Agriculture project also recommend cutting off spring onions and chives above the ground when you want to use them - this way, they'll grow back in no time!

Size doesn't matter

Even if you don't have a balcony at your urban property, you can set up smaller pots on a window sill for your growing plans. Remember that many plants only need sunlight and water - anyone should be able to kick-start their own urban growing setup and reap the benefits of fresh, homegrown produce. Try wall-mounted planting shelves or a sky planter for a touch of flair that also saves space!
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