Making the most of a small living room

Date: 14 November 2014
Making the most of a small living room
Sometimes, upsizing your home is not a viable option when you need more room. Whether it is the market conditions or family requirements, sometimes you have to make do with your current housing situation. When this is the case, there are many tips and tricks that can help you maximise the space in your home - here are some that you can use to get the most out of your living area.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

One easy task for making a living space look much bigger is installing a big mirror. It can become a focal point for the room, and the reflection of the room gives the illusion of space which can make the room much more comfortable, especially when there are no windows. When there is a window, set the mirror opposite it - you will get both more light and a new set of angles to appreciate the outdoors from.

Sofa style

Are you looking for a fresh take on your seating arrangements? An open-backed sofa can be a very versatile addition to a small lounge. It allows for reclining and easy movement, and can open up space on either side if you want to use it as a centrepiece. Add some smaller chairs to increase your seating options.

Tiny tables

Instead of opting for one larger coffee table for your living space, you could use several smaller items.  These can function like bedside tables and hold only what you need, or can be put together when you desire a larger surface.. They can also be tucked away into corners when you want the floor space.

With smaller touches like this in place, you will soon find your living room a larger and more comfortable space to relax in.
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