Inspection tips when buying a holiday home

Date: 20 November 2014
Inspection tips when buying a holiday home
If you are interested in buying a holiday home for investment this summer, you might be worried about potential damage to the property ahead of the purchase. You want to buy a property that is not going to cost you a fortune in repairs, and a good condition holiday home will always appeal more to prospective tenants!

With that in mind, here are some quick tips for the pre-purchase inspection.

Get the right person for the job

While a once-over by yourself is a quick way to gauge a property, the old adage applies here that the cheapest option will likely cost you the most. Paying a licensed professional to inspect the holiday home is essential.

Qualified builders or architects will know where to check the structure of the property, as well as being able to see straight through any quick patch-up jobs that may look fine to your own eyes.

Consider pest inspection

In many areas, a regular inspection does not include a thorough check for pests. Even if the building is sound and has no signs of termites now, there could still be critters lurking about! By getting a separate pest inspection you can sleep easy at night, knowing the building bugs wont bite.

Catching all the small things

In NSW, a regular building inspection will not report on some minor cosmetic blemishes - marks on walls and the like. If you want to get every single detail marked down in an inspection, you may need a special purpose report.

It can be a lot to go through, but this is your holiday home investment we are talking about - lets make sure everything is covered, so you can get some fantastic returns. Speaking to a real estate agent can be a great first step in accessing the inspectors you need to check up on your purchase.
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Mark 19/12/2014 2:26:59 PM

Considering all these facts, you'll certainly end up in a property that fits in your standards. In any case, it's important to hire property inspectors.
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