Avoiding a scam when renting a holiday home

Date: 17 November 2014
Avoiding a scam when renting a holiday home
Holiday homes are a fantastic place to spend your summer - they can be a pristine getaway for you and the family with great views and only short-term upkeep. They are usually more affordable than hotel holidays, and a great way to discover new nooks in the countryside. And with the advent of technology in the last 10 years, it is easier than ever before to book a dream holiday through the internet.

However, the prevalence of internet scams means it's important to make sure your holiday home rental transactions are safe and sound - otherwise you can sometimes end up booking a property that doesn't actually exist. With that in mind, here is how to avoid scams online in this market.

Do your research

As soon as you see spelling mistakes, or poor images or a lack of contact details about a property manager for a holiday home, you should check out who they are. Contacting a property manager and organising an inspection well in advance is one good way to be sure about a home - check out all the details.

As ScamWatch says, you should be cautious around emails offering you holiday home deals that are too good to be true, as that may actually be the case.

Trust the seller, not the sales publication

Often, people decide a holiday home deal is trustworthy because they know the site where it is listed. However, scammers can operate through these channels. Again, seek out the contact details of the landlord and make a phone call to determine the legitimacy of the deal.

By keeping your wits about you, it won't take long to find a great deal for your next holiday home - be smart and be safe for a fantastic summer!
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