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How do I inspect a property to rent?

Some rental properties advertise ‘open for inspection’ times. There’s no need to make an appointment when this is the case. Just turn up at the advertised time and place.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to see the property sooner, telephone the property manager and ask if you can inspect the property by private appointment.

Make sure to take your photo identification with you as you may be asked to register your details (for security purposes) before entering the rental property.

A professional agent will never give you keys to inspect a property without being accompanied.
Scam warning:
There are a number of scams that have been reported to Australian police whereby non-real estate industry websites such as www.gumtree.com.au advertise the same property as an agent may be advertising on their website, but for a much lower price. Typically, the contact on such websites will not be available to show you the property but will instead ask you to send a cash deposit in return for the key to the property. Unfortunately, once the cash has been sent the key never arrives. A professional real estate agency will always make an appointment to show you the property or schedule an open for inspection.
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