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How do I find the best possible property manager for my investment property?

With different tenancy laws in every state of Australia, investors need quality property management services more than ever.

These 7 steps should help you hire a property manager with confidence:
  1. Ask if comprehensive reference checks including employers, referees & previous managing agents are done with each application.
  2. Ask if your agency uses a National Tenancy Database to check all tenant applications.
  3. Check the agency’s reputation by conducting an online ‘reviews’ search.
  4. Ask if you’ll have a dedicated Property Manager or will several staff manage your property.
  5. Ask if your agency allows tenants to register their property search online, and, whether it uses tenant-matching systems to find tenants faster.  
  6. Ask whether your agency will accompany all tenants when they inspect your property.
  7. Ask how your property will be marketed, when vacancies happen.
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