Self Managed Super Funds investing in property

Because investors can now borrow for the purposes of property investment, there has been a dramatic increase in funds being allocated for the purchase of property through Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs).

A recent draft Australian Tax Office ruling suggests trustees may soon be able to use money in their fund to renovate property as well. This could have significant implications for the rental market as mum and dad investors seek to improve their yields by investing in improvements to increase the rent.

Investing in property has been shown to deliver an average 12% return over a 24 year sample period in Australia so is therefore better than many other forms of investment. However, it’s still vitally important to invest wisely and seek the advice of First National property managers and real estate agents about when and where to invest.

First National Real Estate has an alliance partner, Sothertons Accountants, who can provide expert advice to customers with DIY Superannuation to maximise your investment opportunities.