Why should you make your investment property pet friendly?

pet friendly investment property Did you know that approximately 79,000 pets are euthanized by the RSPCA each year?

One of the contributing factors is the difficulty tenants experience finding ‘Pet Friendly’ rental accommodation. However, some of the best tenants are in fact those with pets.

They understand the value of good references and an exemplary record because a single bad reference can make life extremely difficult when they next need to move. Also, tenants with pets move less frequently and stable tenancy produces higher long-term returns as well as less wear and tear.

63 per cent of Australian households have pets but 30 per cent of those same households do not own their own home. Therefore, it’s clear that ruling out tenants with pets cuts out a large section of potential customers when it comes to renting your investment.

First National is helping save the lives of our family pets by easing the burden of finding rental homes. Our Pet Friendly Rental Search feature clearly identifies whether landlords will consider appropriate applicants. With due diligence and some additional measures, we’re confident of a positive experience.

Talk to our Property Managers about their past experiences and consider having us flag your property ‘Pet Friendly’ when you next lease.

As with every lease, you make the final choice about who will live in your property because ‘We put you first’.