How much can we afford to borrow? How much you can borrow depends on your salary, as well as how much deposit you have saved.
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What are the benefits of downsizing?

  • The reduction or elimination of your mortgage – Depending on where you choose to buy your new property, downsizing can dramatically reduce mortgage expenses. Smaller homes cost less to run, freeing up cash flow and giving massive savings on interest over the term of your mortgage
  • Larger nest egg - Increase your retirement savings with the money you save on your mortgage
  • Greater freedom to travel – Discover more of the world!  Downsizing will provide you with a more manageable home base that is more easily maintained between trips
  • Cheaper utilities - Lower electricity, gas, heating and cooling expenses
  • Greater freedom – By downsizing you have more freedom to explore and revisit activities and hobbies that you may not have been able to enjoy when you were busy maintaining gardens and a larger house
  • Lower maintenance costs – If you opt for an apartment or townhouse, you’ll lighten your load significantly
  • Peace of mind - Less clutter and less or no debt will lead to a clearer state of mind and give you the opportunity to enjoy a new, simplified home and lifestyle
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