What other factors should I think about? Other things you might like to think about are affordability, crime rates, proximity to family, friends, schools, and...
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Should we sell before we buy?

It’s a wise idea to find a buyer for your current home before purchasing another.
  • That way, you’ll know exactly what price you’ve achieved so you can budget effectively for your next property
  • If you buy first, you may find yourself in the position of making repayments on two houses at the same time
  • If your current home doesn’t achieve the price you expected, you may come under unnecessary financial strain
  • Research your loan options with a financial advisor or mortgage broker.  If you’ve sold your existing property, but not yet settled, a Deposit Bond could be the most cost-effective way of financing the deposit for your downsizing property
  • Think about whether you’d prefer to keep your first property, rent it, then use the income to help finance your next home
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