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How do I plan this big change and work out where to buy?

  • Do your research considering your interests, hobbies, financial situation, location of your friends and family, and how you envisage living your life to the fullest
  • Use the internet. There’s a wealth of information to help you make up your mind
  • Choose a place best suited to your lifestyle. Some options are:
  1. City living: Opting for a townhouse, apartment or unit closer to the CBD typically leads to smaller living arrangements, but the energy of the city is so much larger. Moving from the suburbs to the city offers you increased access to museums, restaurants, shopping and theatres. A move to a smaller space in the city could also enable you to sell your car
  2. Age-qualified community: The standard age requirement for an age-qualified community is 55+. These communities are often gated and offer amenities such as a pool, fitness center, organised activities, athletic teams, sports courts, a golf course and more, so your new home could feel like a permanent holiday!
  3. Even if you haven’t decided to move yet, think of it as your back up plan for when you decide to make the move. The hard work has already been done.
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