Jordan Callaghan

Property Manager


Jordan Callaghan is a key asset to our property management team at Chevron First National. Popular with colleagues and Clients alike, Jordan’s professionalism and dedication have earned him a reputation for getting the job done.

Jordan started his career in Real Estate four years ago and showed a natural talent for property management since day one. With his eye for detail, service focused approach and practical nature he is able to successfully manage situations and negotiate optimal outcomes for Clients.

These qualities also serve him well with regard to creation of successful advertising campaigns leading to swift leasing of properties to suitable tenants.

Prior to working in Real Estate, Jordan spent some years working in debt collection which has given him excellent negotiation skills to navigate the difficult situations that may be encountered when managing properties. Jordan is currently undertaking studies at university to further enhance his skills within the real estate industry.

With his love of the industry and passion for customer service, Jordan is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve results.