Josh Eldridge



My wife, Kasey and I made the move to the Camden Haven late 2017 with our four children Isla, Jace, Arlo and Ruby in late 2017. Stewart O’Brien offered an opportunity to live in a coastal community and partner with a like-minded business team at First National North Haven. I’ve known Stewart for many years through the First National network. I was running my own agency in my hometown of Wagga Wagga at the time, and our family needed a change of climate. Arlo has chronic asthma. Moving to the coast was highly recommended by specialists. When you’re a parent, you do anything for your kids. Stewart and I share the same values, ambitions and business goals. Joining the team at North Haven has been a welcoming experience. It’s great to work with a group of professionals who are focused on building ongoing relationships with clients. We’re all on the same page regarding going above and beyond service expectations for our buyers, sellers and vendors. We’re also working to harness new technologies and engage with large-scale projects in the region to support growth and the long-term sustainability not only of our business but also our community. I’ve worked in real estate since I was a teenager, helping my dad renovate rental properties and build the family portfolio. I started my agency when I finished university and then joined the First National network. What I love about working in real estate is that it’s not a 9-5 job. It’s an everyday job because you’re always thinking about strategies to do your job better, deliver better results. It’s an industry that’s ever changing and evolving. You’re meeting different people every day and dealing with different situations. Buying, selling or embarking on developments are substantial life milestones and being able to give people information to spark action or results is so rewarding. Striving to do better is addictive.