Ash Lambert Bignell

Business Development Manager


My family moved to the Camden Haven from Sydney when I was a child because it’s a lovely community to raise a family.

Jordan, my husband, and I were high school sweethearts. I think we’re an old couple on the inside because on weekends we love gardening. On Sundays we dine out at local cafes or go and explore the outdoors. I think if you don’t take the time to do that, it’s easy to take the beauty of this area for granted.

Our favourite features of the Camden Haven are the river and North Brother Mountain. It’s a pretty spectacular place.

Jordan and I enjoy being involved in the community because volunteering or sponsoring an event or sporting team is an important way to connect with people. You’ll struggle to find a place with such a strong sense of community, that’s really rare.

In 2015, I was looking for a career change after 10 years in hairdressing. I was welcomed into the office and when a position came up, I was fortunate enough to earn it. I approached First National North Haven because of their strong reputation in the community, their integrity and community involvement.

I loved being part of this team on the first day and I still love it now. The culture and energy here is contagious. We encourage each other. Ongoing training and coaching is part of the First National North Haven DNA, because personal and professional development builds a strong business.

No two days are the same, no one’s story or circumstances are the same. Being able to adapt and work with different people is a rewarding part of my work.