As an extension to its energy efficiency and sustainability drive, First National Real Estate is continuing its partnership with MobileMuster to help keep old mobiles and accessories out of landfill.
Mobile phone users are therefore able to drop their old mobile phones and accessories at more than 450 First National branches around the country for recycling.
First National first called upon all its members and their local communities to support the MobleMuster pledge in 2011.

Right now there are over 22 million unwanted mobile phones in people's drawers and cupboards across Australia. That's the equivalent of 2,200 tonnes of metals and plastics just waiting to be recycled.  By recycling your old mobile, you're avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, protecting the environment and conserving scarce natural resources.

If each staff member at First National Real Estate recycled at least one old mobile, their combined efforts could potentially see as many as 7,500 mobile phones recycled in a year.

First National Real Estate recognises that energy efficiency and sustainable living starts at home.  Moving into your new home is the ideal time to round up those old mobiles and accessories in drawers and cupboards and recycle them with MobileMuster.

MobileMuster is a not for profit programme, voluntarily funded by most handset manufacturers and all network carriers.  It's the industry's product stewardship programme providing mobile users across Australia with access to a free recycling service.  This enables everyone to play their part in keeping old mobiles out of landfill.
Since MobileMuster began in 1999 it has collected 806 tonnes of old mobile phones, batteries and accessories, recycling over 90 per cent of the materials in them and keeping them out of landfill.

Mobile Muster